by Simon Kingston

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released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Simon Kingston Dayton, Ohio

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Track Name: Improv 4
Don't you remember Lord of the Flies?
Don't you recall pigs on sticks?
And the way flies fit?
I don't think you payed much attention in class
I think you forget that you payed to attend
And where did your left side go?
I can't see it anymore,
All I could see was wooden doors,
And feet that make good door-stops
Track Name: Improv 3
How'd you get in that lamp?
Must have been hard,
And someone said,
"How'd you get in that bag?"
How'd you get in that glass?
How'd you get so black?
Where'd you get all those shelves?
I said, "I built them myself"
Track Name: Improv 2
I've got two sides to the story,
Got two storm fronts to worry about
Got two socks to find,
Got half a mind
Track Name: Improv 1
When you go to sleep,
Do you have good dreams?
Do you get good rest?
When you dream,
Do you have nice nights?
Do you have night lights?
When you dream,
Do you see anyone's face on the ground?
Do you have to worry about bugs that you found?
Cause maybe I do
Maybe I dream of mice,
And my brother,
I dream of you
And a bloody bedsheet,
So don't go sleepin',
Without saying a prayer,
There's somebody keeping
You there